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WE ARE BACK!!!! Now we can go Places

Theres a saying- “you don’t know what you have until you no longer have it.” That may not be an exact quote, but I came to that realization when ytdesigns.com went down, many moons ago. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed interacting with it, working on it and the stability it brought. Not financial stability. this was never about that. Maybe the confidence it brought, not so much; stability.

It’s been a long 3+ months with our website down. We, my family the YTD team and I are so grateful for your understanding and patience and then long suffering during this time. Long story short our server crashed and we lost everything. We have spent hours after hours and tons of money to recover that which is most important; your history. We were successful. There is a chance you may be missing something. If you are please contact one of the admins and we will get it straightened out. We lost all of of our listings so we are starting over. Now there is a big plus to that! many files need new pictures so we are revisiting them. You will get the updated files in your history. The site is live but not full. It’s our mission to get all products listed over the next week. Uploading 3k+ files is no small job though. So please check etsy still if we do not have what you need listed.

The site is LIVE and ready to be shopped.

As a little thank you, please find the “oh the places you’ll go wordie file” and add it to your cart, when checking out please update your account information.

Now- lets go places??



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