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We are Almost at the finish line

I can not believe i am actually saying this- BUT!!
Its almost time to have a BIG HUGE MASSIVE MONSTROUS Celebration. The kinds of which YTD has never seen before!-
well Three fold-
✔️) We’re on the threshold of 3 thousand listings on our site😍
✔️) We’re on the threshold of having listed all off our past files🎊
✔️) We are starting to force through all orders in our history-😲 We will work starting with 2014 files and move forward- in alphabetical order-
What does this mean for you? Couple things- ⬇️
1️⃣️)You will start seeing new orders pop up in your history. Old files that have been revisited, and re-loved on.
2️⃣️) every PAST order ( from 2014,2015,2016,2017)that ordered 5 or more files in one ordeer will be receiving a free file.
3️⃣️) each and every past order (again from 2014,2015,2017) will be given a ticket number and you will be entered to win some MASSIVE PRIZES- i mean MASSIVE- like membership massive😯– and Machine massive.😍
AND FINALYYYY- were gonna have a sale but the size of the sale depends on your activity. I can’t do all the work 🤣
were gonna race- Yalls responsibility is to get to as many comments on the pinned post on our page (link right there <<–) as you can before we get to the finish line-
Two things need to happen for us to reach the finish line
🥇all past files listed,
🥈all past orders filled.
200 comments 20% off store wide $20 minimum
300 comments 30% off Store wide $30 minimum
400 Comments 40% off Store wide $40 minimum
500 Comments 50% off Store wide $50 minimum
600 Comments 40 % off NO Minimum
700 Comments 50% off NO minimum
DO NOT COMMENT RIGHT AFTER YOURSELF- WAIT UNTIL 4 people have commented after you- we will delete comments.
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