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Mistakes they will make you or break you it’s up to you!

Mistakes they will make you or break you- did you know that?

2019 is heading out….. and 2020 is on its tail, where did that year go!??

Have you made mistakes this past year? Mistakes they will make you or break you. depends on what you do with it. I have made so many. It’s hard not to focus on them when the results keep popping up. Anyone else?

Sometimes you can fix it and make it less painful but some times it’s out of your hands. I am so grateful for the fact that we can learn from the mistakes you can not fix and move on.

Allow me to challenge you to look at your mistakes…..

Examine them, and ask yourself- Have you learned a lesson?

If so, stop punishing yourself for it. If not, then figure out what you were supposed to learn and then move on!!

As a momma, I know when a kiddo has learned from their mistake, there is no need to spend time punishing them.

As a reminder for you to learn from your mistakes and them move on. I’d like to offer you a few free designs. I hope you stitch them put the binder set on your bible or your planner, they fob on your keys and the eyelet on your purse. Therefore you are constantly reminded to stop beating yourself up for any mistakes you make in 2020. You are human, you are not perfect, you will absolutely make mistakes. Allow yourself to be human.

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Remember, Mistakes they will make you or break you- you get to decide the result.

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